Morning Beard Routine

Aye man,

It's your boy Nino checking in with you guys to give you a simple, but key routine into maintaining your beard. Whether full or you are just starting out, we have the do's and dont's to make sure your beard always has that look of "Distinction"


For Shadows & Stubble:

Step A: 

  1. Wet beard with warm damp cloth, or spray with water. (Post shower dampness is sufficient as well).
  2. Pat dry excessive moisture with cotton t-shirt, soft cotton towel, or micro-fiber towel.
  3. While beard is still slightly damp, apply dime/nickel-sized amount of our Beard Oil into your hands, rub together and apply thoroughly to beard. Be sure to massage skin with fingertips to work natural oil into the skin layer. This will help prevent excessive dryness and itch.
  4. If you suffer from severe dry skin, add a second coat of beard oil 5 minutes after first application, OR a very light coat of Beard balm



Close-trimmed beards

Step B:

  1. Apply Step A.
  2. Add a dime sized coat of our beard balm to seal moisture in longer, and help keep beard laid while training growth pattern.
  3. Brush your beard thoroughly with a Medium-Soft bristle Beard Brush



Full beards:

Step C:

  1. Apply a base coat of hydrating Leave-in conditioner first. Pat product evenly around surface area of beard, then massage thoroughly into beard. Be sure to work conditioner down to the tips of hair strands to help fortify the ends with the proteins & vitamins.
  2. Apply steps A & B above, using beard oil next, and finishing with beard balm to lock all moisture in & keep flyaway hairs in check. Gauge day by day the amount of product you use. Do not be afraid to use more oil and balm if your beard craves the nutrients.
  3. Style your beard using a Wooden Beard Comb and Beard Brush. Be sure to take your time. Once your beard is full and long enough to comb, you do not need to excessively brush. Use only enough to get the job done. Comb slowly to prevent snagging or catching fairy knots (very small tangles in your beard hairs).